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[Replay] Show 11 – T-SQL

Download Episode (mp3) Guy is currently having fun in Thailand, so we don’t have a new show this week. Instead, we republish one of our earlier episodes, where we talk about our favorite language – T-SQL. We’ll be back with a new show in two weeks. Did you know that SQL was initially called “Sequel”

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Help the Optimizer

Download Episode (mp3) There are many ways for writing efficient queries in SQL Server. In this show we talk about a few of those ways, when the key is – “keep it simple”. In addition, we talk about use cases for Big Data, Ways for transferring data to a reporting server, an interesting BI project Guy is working

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We Don’t Have a Name for This Show

Download Episode (Mp3) Replicating Tables in Azure SQL Datawarehouse Persisting Statistics Sampling Rate, and Other Statistics Issues Adding Tables with Default Values Online The Microsoft Data Science Program Followup on a Previous Item Global Temp Tables in Azure SQL Database Loading a Trillion Rows into SQL Server

Tough SQL Server Questions

Download Episode (Mp3) What do you do when you lost the admin password of Azure SQL DB? Tough SQL Server Interview Questions Should You Learn Data Science? Links mentioned in the show: OpenQueryStore Thomas LaRock – Why I’m Learning Data Science

The Mysterious Ways of the Optimizer

Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we talk about: Why there are more and more security and encryption projects, and how wrestling is related More issues and things to take into account with the new cardinality estimator The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon Truncating a single partition in SQL Server 2016