Let Me Index That for You

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Today in the show, we talk about:

  • Types of business analytics
  • Is cardinality estimation the most common cause for performance problems?
  • How to answer the question “what do you do”?
  • Old news about AWS max database size in RDS
  • New project architecture challenges
  • Reporting and comic books
  • Scary bug with mirroring and database snapshot

4 Responses

  1. Hi guys! Thanks for the kind words about the Power BI Dashboard.

    When people ask me what I do, here’s what I say:

    “I make computer databases faster and more reliable. You know how you go online to buy stuff, and some sites are way faster than others? That’s the kind of thing I help with.”

    If they wanna know more, I tell them a story of one of our clients:

    “For example, you know how when football teams start winning a lot, everybody wants to buy their jerseys? There was a team who started winning a ton of games, and it looked like they might win the championship this year. But every time they won a game, their web site fell over because they couldn’t handle the huge rush of fans who wanted to buy stuff. They were missing out on millions of dollars of merchandise sales because their database couldn’t take orders fast enough. They called us, we showed them how to make it go faster, and the next time they won a game, their web site stayed up and they sold a lot more merchandise.”

    It’s fun because everybody relates to it. (Sadly, the team didn’t make it to the championship that year, hahaha.)

  2. Hi Matan and Guy: I couldn’t quite catch the name of the show you mentioned near the end: “Run As by Jen Stewart”? Could you provide the link?

    When people ask what I do:
    “Whatever my wife tells me to do!”

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