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In this show, we host our good friend and great DBA, Shy Engelberg.

Together with Shy, we talk about:

  • Guy’s new online course – Advanced Query Tuning in SQL Server
  • How to write queries for dynamic search screens
  • Use cases for MongoDB and Machine Learning
  • What is the adaptive query plan feature
  • How Shazam works, and how it’s related to the show
  • Thoughts on HA and DR
  • Thoughts on SQL Server licensing
  • Thoughts on bringing Azure features to the ground
  • And more..

What can you learn in Guy’s course?

  • What is the Plan Cache and why is it needed
  • How to find your problematic queries
  • How to read and analyze execution plans
  • How to measure query performance
  • Query hints and plan guides
  • Parameter Sniffing issues
  • Query tuning case studies

Inside the show, you’ll also find a coupon code for the course.

About Shy

Shy Engelberg is the CTO of Valinor, and a Partner Technology Solutions Professional. He’s also a data and cloud technologies enthusiastic.
He believes that data drives the world, and cloud technologies fuel it. He constantly finds solutions to all sorts of problems and needs, and still learning something new every day.


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