Show 33 – What Google and Facebook Know about You…

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In this show:

  • We congratulated Matan for being awarded as a SQL Server MVP. Go Matan!
  • Just around the corner: PASS Summit and MVP Summit.
  • Think you can catch errors in a remote servers within a distributed transaction? Think again…
  • How Netflix survived AWS disruption last month by using chaos…
  • Differences between on-premises and cloud applications
  • What Google and Facebook know about you…
  • How fast is technology going to advance one year from now?
  • One Big RAID 10: The new standard in server storage
  • Why do we need right outer joins?

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    1. Hi Ronni,

      At the top of the post for every new show, there is a link for downloading the show.
      Just right click it and choose to download it.

      You can also listen to it on the website or using a podcast app on your smartphone. I use an app called BeyondPod.


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