The Elephant in the Room

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In this show, we talk about:

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Matan Loves Marriage

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In this show, we talk a lot about interesting projects we’ve been a part of lately, in addition to other interesting items:

  • Guy on installing a 3-node SQL Server 2016 Availability Groups cluster with no domain
  • Matan on migrating a system to In-Memory OLTP
  • Why Matan doesn’t hate the MERGE statement anymore
  • SQL Server 2016 SP1
  • Thoughts and clarifications about DBCC CheckDB

SQL Server Hydra

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In this show, we host our friend Shy Engelberg again and talk about:

  • New features in SQL Server Hydra
  • The future of Linked Servers
  • External Data Sources
  • Scripts from the SQL Server Tiger team
  • How the guys at Facebook verify their backups can be restored
  • Recommended approaches for HA and DR

Also, during the show Guy takes some of his recommendations regarding temp tables and table variables back

Items mentioned in the show: