Let Me Index That for You

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Today in the show, we talk about:

  • Types of business analytics
  • Is cardinality estimation the most common cause for performance problems?
  • How to answer the question “what do you do”?
  • Old news about AWS max database size in RDS
  • New project architecture challenges
  • Reporting and comic books
  • Scary bug with mirroring and database snapshot

[Replay] Show 11 – T-SQL

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Guy is currently having fun in Thailand, so we don’t have a new show this week. Instead, we republish one of our earlier episodes, where we talk about our favorite language – T-SQL. We’ll be back with a new show in two weeks.

Did you know that SQL was initially called “Sequel” (Structured English Query Language)?

On this show, we go back to basics and talk about our favorite language – Transact-SQL (T-SQL).

We cover a lot of topics in the fields of development, performance and maintenance. Among them:

  • The logical phases of query processing
  • Our favorite and least favorite T-SQL features
  • T-SQL development best practices
  • How to avoid writing long Stored Procedures
  • How to avoid writing the “mother of all queries”
  • The Axis of Evil T-SQL featrues
  • Why you should (almost) never use table variables

Items mentioned in the show: