Show 16 – SQL Server Horror Stories

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We love working with SQL Server, but over the years, we’ve had some interesting, funny, sad and horrific cases related to it. On this show, we talk about some of those cases.

Among other topics, we talk about:

  • How to bring SQL Server online when it has no tempdb files
  • Stored Procedure and Plan Cache optimization over the phone
  • Finding out who dropped a database
  • A very destructive MERGE statements that kills clusteres
  • Data corruptions
  • Table variable horrors
  • And more..

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Show 15 – March Madness

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2015 started well, fast, and furious.

We start the show by congratulating Guy for earning the MVP title, and Guy explains what he did in order to get this achievement, and what you can do to earn it too.

We also talk about the crazy March we’re going to have, with a lot of flights, conferences and many other events.

In addition, talk about: 

  • A weird scenario of updating a table using a view
  • How to perform an ordered update efficiently
  • What to expect when transitioning from DBA to consultant
  • Parameterization
  • Productivity and learning optimizations
  • DBA challenges
  • Physical joins
  • And more..

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Show 13 – SQL Server Monitoring

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On this show, we talk about monitoring in SQL Server. But actually, monitoring is not only monitoring: It’s also baselining, data collection, data analysis, reporting and alerting, and we cover all of those in the show. Among other topics, we talk about:

  • The different levels of monitoring
  • Why it’s important to have a baseline
  • Trend analysis
  • What should you monitor in SQL Server
  • The set of tools for monitoring, baselining, data collection, reporting and alerting
  • What should you do when you get an alert about a certain problem
  • And more..

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Happy 2015, everybody!

Show 12 – The Other One Mode

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Show 12 is here, and yet again we have a mix of various SQL Server topics. Among them are High Availability, development, performance, Columnstore Indexes, Azure, and general news and events.

More specifically, we talk about:

  • How log backup and Log Shipping really work
  • What parts of SQL Server Memory does the Max Server Memory option controls
  • Performance differences between Row_Number and CROSS APPLY
  • A disturbing bug with the SYSDATETIME function
  • Clustered Columnstore Indexes, and how Rebuild and Reorganize work on them
  • Azure Storage
  • SQLRally and SQLBits conferences
  • And more..

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Show 11 – T-SQL

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Did you know that SQL was initially called “Sequel” (Structured English Query Language)?

On this show, we go back to basics and talk about our favorite language – Transact-SQL (T-SQL).

We cover a lot of topics in the fields of development, performance and maintenance. Among them:

  • The logical phases of query processing
  • Our favorite and least favorite T-SQL features
  • T-SQL development best practices
  • How to avoid writing long Stored Procedures
  • How to avoid writing the “mother of all queries”
  • The Axis of Evil T-SQL featrues
  • Why you should (almost) never use table variables

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Show 10 – Coolest Thing Ever

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On previous shows, we talked about an interesting behavior of the Sort operator and missing nodes in execution plans. On this show, we finally have the explanation for those Phenomenons.

In addition, we talk about:

  • What needs does Azure DocumentDB come to address
  • Common mistakes with Parameterization in SQL Server
  • Tracking Page Splits
  • Tracking progress of index builds and rebuilds
  • A new index maintenance script
  • Dangerous backups
  • And more..

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Show 9 – PASS Summit 2014 Recap

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PASS Summit 2014 is over, and wh’re here for a recap of what happened, what was announced, what we learned in the sessions we attended, and some thoughts on the direction Microsoft is heading.

Among other topics, we talk about:

  • The summit keynote and the Microsoft vision
  • Parallelism
  • The new Query Store feature
  • The new Stretched Tables feature
  • Improvements to Cluster Quorum
  • Backup performance improvements
  • Database corruption recovery techniques
  • Interesting behavior of Sequence with Delayed Durability
  • The various activities during the summit
  • And more..

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