Show 30 – Coffee and Water

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Do you know what FOMO means?

It means “Fear of Missing Out”, and it’s a term used in the startup and venture capital fields. However, it’s also relevant for us as DBAs, and we start the show explaining why.

Other than that, we talk about:

  • Why you should be careful when using SQL Server’s Row Level Security
  • Duplicate indexes
  • The dangers of Indexed Views
  • An important thing you need to know about Filtered Indexes
  • Lots of ways to improve your productivity with Management Studio
  • Allow Snapshot Isolation and Read Committed Snapshot

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Show 29 – Architecture, Microsoft APS and Azure SQL Datawarehouse with Bradley Ball

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We start to warm up the engines towards PASS Summit, which will take place in Seattle at the end of October.

Before the summit, we will host a few speakers to talk about their sessions and share some of the stuff you can expect to hear.

In this show, we have Bradley Ball (blog | twitter), Data Platform Management Lead at Pragmatic Works.

Among other topics, we talk to Bradley about:

  • What you can expect to hear in Bradley’s PASS Summit precon and session
  • Data architecture
  • What is Microsoft APS and what’s important when working with it
  • How Azure SQL Datawarehouse took the APS idea a step further
  • Message queuing
  • Bradley’s military career

Items mentioned in the show:

We also talk about some weird meanings of the acronym “APS”.

About Bradley

Bradley Ball is a SQL Server MVP with about 15 years of IT experience. Bradley spent 8 years working as a defense contractor for clients such as the U.S. Army and The Executive Office of the President of the United States. He is the data platform management lead with Pragmatic Works and a Microsoft VTSP. He has presented at SQLSaturday, SSUGs, SQLRally, DevConnections, SQLBits, SQL Live 360, and PASS Summit. Bradley can be found blogging at

Bradley Ball


Show 28 – Backups, Scripting and Regular Expressions with Sean McCown

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A few months ago we hosted Sean McCown for a talk about indexing tips and backup performance.

On this show, we have Sean again.

Sean reveals tons of backup tips and tricks while talking about his new free product, Minion Backup.

Among other topics, we talk about:

  • What are VLF’s and why it’s not good to have many of them
  • When you SHOULD use shrink
  • Why Sean doesn’t like Policy Based Management
  • How to monitor backup progress
  • Regular Expressions in SSMS

And as always with our guests, we play Scattergories, and Sean tells a VERY interesting story about cluster configuration.

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About Sean:

Sean McCown is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008. He is also a SQL Server MVP with over 20 years experience in databases. Sean is also founder and co-owner of the renowned website where he records free SQL Server training videos and co-hosts the popular webshow, DBAs@Midnight.


Show 27 – Earth 2.0

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We tried something new this time, and broadcast the show live on Persicope.

Periscope is a service by Twitter that allows each one to start a live broadcast anywhere and anytime from his phone or tablet. We will try it out a few more times, so watch for our announcements about future broadcasts on Twitter.

As for SQL Server stuff, among other topics, we talk about:

  • SQL Server Developer Edition vs. Enterprise Edition
  • Benchmarking Columnstore Indexes and Columnstore in SQL Server 2016
  • Restoring transaction logs on Amazon RDS
  • Log Shipping on disconnected servers
  • Amazon RDS vs. Azure SQL Database
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Denormalization
  • Foreign Keys

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Show 26 – Boris Hristov

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On this show, we host a good friend of both of us – Boris Hristov!

Boris (blog | twitter) is a SQL Server MVP from Bulgaria and a really passionate and efficient guy. He delivers a lot of technical training and also talks a lot about presentation design. We talk to Boris about those things and also about travelling, sports, work-life balance, and more.

Among other topics, we talk to Boris about:

  • Boris’ community initiative, SQL Hangouts
  • What is Policy Based Management and why is it so important?
  • How can you use Distributed Replay in your environment?
  • The importance of presentation design
  • Data corruption
  • Efficiency
  • What is Tapout XT

Items mentioned in the show:

About Boris

Boris is a SQL Server Consultant and Pluralsight Author from Bulgaria who you can regularly see speaking at conferences all across Europe. He is also training companies and students in the “Art of SQL Server” and loves to share his knowledge online as part of podcasts, webcasts or on his blog –

The fastest way you can reach him is on twitter where he writes under @BorisHristov and you can even join him for a SQLHangout which are video conversations that he hosts with people from the SQL Server community.

Boris Hristov

Show 25 – Oh, I’m on the Prod Server

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Two weeks have passed, and another show is here!

We start by talking about scary DBA sentences

We continue with PASS Summit 2015 and about the sessions we’ll deliver at the summit.

We then talk about:

  • T-SQL code patterns
  • interesting scenarios with small but very active SQL Server tables
  • jobs that will be replaced by machines
  • Tempdb Contention and improvements in SQL Server 2016
  • The power of SQL for other data solutions like Couchbase and Azure Stream Analytics
  • And more..

Items mentioned in the show:


Show 24 – Virtualization, High Availability and Independent Consulting with David Klee

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A few shows ago, we talked briefly about Virtualization and mentioned it would be a good idea to have a Virtualization expert on the show.

In this show, we have David Klee (Blog | Twitter), one of the top Virtualization experts in the SQL Server space.

We talk to David about:

  • What’s important to know when virtualizing SQL Server
  • How to properly size your VM
  • What metrics to monitor when virtualizing
  • When to use SQL Server High Availability features and when to use them at the virtualization side
  • When NOT to virtualize
  • Some of David’s most challenging projects

In addition, we talk to David about starting a company and the life of an independent consultant.

About David

David is a technologist that is lucky enough to have a job doing that which he enjoys – working in high technology, using cutting edge technology to make businesses more efficient. He is the Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux Technologies, and travels around the country working with companies to reduce risk, improve performance, and virtualize their business-critical SQL Server infrastructures.
David regularly contributes to the PASS Virtualization, Performance, and High Availability and Disaster Recovery virtual chapters. David also helps to run and coordinate the Omaha SQL Server Users Group.

David is also a member of the PASS High Availability and Disaster Recovery Virtual Chapter board. The virtual chapter meets the second Tuesday of each month for a one hour technical presentation on high availability and disaster recovery topics.