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Anzeigen 96

Download Episode (mp3) Show 96 is here. Among other stuff, we talked about:  SQLGrillen 2018 Simulating IGNORE NULLs Functionality on FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE Functions Database Corruption Story Query Store, Automatic Query Tuning, and how they relate to automatic cars

Database DevOps with Alex Yates

Download Episode (mp3) It’s about time we have a guest in the show! We are excited to welcome Alex Yates (@_AlexYates_). In this show we talk about continuous integration, delivery and deployment for databases, why is it so hard, and what is the secret sauce. Here are some of links we covered in the conversation: Working

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Once a DBA, Always a DBA

Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we talk about: Google Duplex Accessing External Resources from SQL Server SQL Saturday Israel 2018 24 Hours of PASS Optimizing Server-Side Paging How to Change the Fonts in SSMS And more..

Remembering Robert Davis

Download Episode (mp3) Robert Davis, aka @SQLSoldier, has recently passed away unexpectedly. This was a shock to the entire SQL family, and of course to his wife, Chrissy. Robert was one of the most known and loved professionals in the SQL community. He will be certainly missed. We dedicate this show in honor of Robert.

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