Show 46 – Big Mistakes with Brent Ozar

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A few weeks ago, Brent Ozar flew over to Israel for SQLSatursday, so we took the opportunity to get together and have a fun conversation about his and ours favorite mistakes.

Among other mistakes, we talk about:

  • How did a company end up with a table named “C”
  • Brent’s first database disaster ever
  • Why Guy spent two weeks in Microsoft Belfast
  • Fire in the data center
  • How does a manager need to respond during a crisis
  • How should you react when you mess up


About Brent

Brent Ozar (Blog | Twitter) is the founder and owner of Brent Ozar Unlimited.

Brent loves pushing SQL Server past the speed limit and showing other people how to drive it faster. He enjoys translating between programmers, sysadmins, SAN admins, and project managers. They find the root of the problem quickly, together, and get everyone working towards the same solutions.
For the best conversation in your life, ask him about:

  • Microsoft SQL Server performance tuning
  • Making kCura Relativity faster
  • VMware ESX/vSphere virtualization
  • Storage and SANs
  • Server hardware
  • How Tim Gunn can make it work




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