Author: Matan Yungman

Show 4 – Push or Pull?

Download Episode (mp3) Two weeks have passed, and it’s time for our 4th show. As always, we have a mix of interesting stuff covering performance, data architecture, new services, tips, tricks, and much more. Among other topics, we talk about: Why pulling from a Linked Server is A LOT faster than pushing The effect of new hardware

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Show 3 – Performance Tuning

Download Episode (mp3) You know you have a performance problem in your server, but where do you start looking in order to find what that problem is? On our 3rd show, we take a deep dive into performance tuning and talk about: The Top-Down and Bottom-Up methods and when to use which The various tools SQL

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Show 2 – Death to UDFs

Download Episode (mp3) On our 2nd show, we start by talking about our trips. Matan shares about how great SQLBits was (including the custome party), and Guy talks about WPC (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference). He explains what WPC is, about the Microsoft vision and its effects on the DBA’s work. We then talk about interesting blog posts, forum discussions, news

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