Author: Guy Glantser

Once a DBA, Always a DBA

Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we talk about: Google Duplex Accessing External Resources from SQL Server SQL Saturday Israel 2018 24 Hours of PASS Optimizing Server-Side Paging How to Change the Fonts in SSMS And more..

Remembering Robert Davis

Download Episode (mp3) Robert Davis, aka @SQLSoldier, has recently passed away unexpectedly. This was a shock to the entire SQL family, and of course to his wife, Chrissy. Robert was one of the most known and loved professionals in the SQL community. He will be certainly missed. We dedicate this show in honor of Robert.

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Procrastinators and SQL Challenges

Download Episode (mp3) Today in the Show: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator 24 Hours of PASS The Next GroupBy Conference SQLGrillen 2018 A Flexible New Way to Purchase Azure SQL Database SQL is 44 Years Old and We Still Use It Today SQL Server Advanced Threat Protection Survey SQL Challenges

Nick the Optimizer

Download Episode (mp3) Today in the show: The Best SQL Server Five-Words Tech Horror MongoDB Aggregation Feature in Azure Cosmos DB Data Discovery and Classification in SSMS Managing Multi-Tenant Applications Which One is Better? IN or BETWEEN?

Will Machines Eventually Haunt Us?

Download Episode (mp3) Today in the show: How to Deploy Schema Changes with Zero Downtime We are All Experts in Identifying Cats How to Troubleshoot Application Timeouts Signs You are not a Senior DBA SQL Saturday Israel Precons Announced